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Uniquely Qualified for Tenant Representation

Has your real estate broker personally calculated and reconciled the operating expenses and common area charges at a property, planned and administered operating and capital budgets, or managed interior construction and renovation projects? 

Langley has extensive experience negotiating commercial lease transactions, but his industry experience is much deeper.  Bill’s first-hand experience with operating investment properties makes him uniquely qualified to assist his corporate clients in selecting the right property, negotiating the nuances of a commercial lease document, and making sure a new space can be delivered on time.  Being able to truly see the transaction from a landlord’s point of view is an asset for tenants looking to negotiate the best deal in the shortest amount of time. 

Tenant services include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Needs Assessment & Space Analysis

    2. Review of Current Lease Documents

    3. Market Survey of Available Properties

    4. Lease vs. Purchase Analysis

    5. Location Analysis & Demographic Reports

    6. Property Tours

    7. Solicitation of Lease Proposals

    8. Financial Analysis and Property Comparisons

    9. Preparation of Counter Offers

    10. Negotiation of Contract Terms and Conditions

    11. Coordination of Lease Execution with Attorneys, Tenant, & Landlord

    12. Consultation for Contractors & other transaction related vendors.

Tenant Services

“We selected Bill Langley, with KW Commercial, over one of the other large national companies, because we felt he had the experience to help us evaluate the real estate market and negotiate a new lease quickly.   Bill’s past experience helped us expedite the site selection process and negotiate very favorable terms and conditions to meet our unique needs in the Atlanta market.”

- Joel R. Johnson, CFO, Matrix42 USA, Inc. 

A few steps for creating satisfied clients...

  1. LISTEN to your client

  2. LOOK diligently for solutions to their problems

  3. ANALYZE the options thoroughly

  4. NEGOTIATE to achieve clear objectives